Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration is just a spark

I appreciate all of you who stopped by to wish me well. I’m feeling much better now after a little rest and relaxation. I spent the time getting a little extra sleep on some days and actually getting some writing on my novel accomplished. I will be posting here just not as often as I had been because I am getting to a point in my novel which is consuming my time.

On one of my other blogs I had hung up the “Gone Fishing” sign, but I didn’t catch anything. Of course, I guess you’d actually have to go to somewhere there are fish in some body of water and cast a line or a net to succeed. My fishing trip was more of fishing for some peace of mind.

The idea that one could go fishing and never go to a body of water brings to mind the idea of inspiration. This past week someone told me I inspired them. I am happy I am able to give inspiration to someone as I am sure I have inspired many with the successes I have experienced. Coming from being bed ridden and unable to walk or work and then losing over 150 pounds and regaining my life and now being among the employed after being out of work for over four years is a story which is inspiring. And, if you have been reading my story for awhile now you know there have been many bumps to overcome along the way. However, inspiration is just a spark. You actually have to go to the water and cast the line or net if you are ever going to succeed. Success requires action.

I have been inspired by many people, places and things in my life. My mother and sister are going to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. When my mother does this walk she will have been a cancer survivor for 25 years. This is very inspiring to me, however, I am not at a point in my life which I can act on that inspiration and participate myself.

There have been so many people in my life, teachers, friends, family and even strangers have inspired me in one way or another to act. Many of you have given me great inspiration. There are literally thousands of success stories here on WW which are inspiring. I found Scott Rigsby’s book “Unthinkable” extremely inspiring where he tells his story of how he was the first double amputee to complete the world famous Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. I was also inspired by Sue Augustine’s book “When Your Past is Hurting Your Present” in which she describes getting beyond the fears which hold you back. She had been an abused and battered wife and overcame her fears and succeeded turning her life around and has helped thousands do the same.

There have been many places and things which have inspired me in many directions. When I have seen the glory of God in nature I have been inspired to write many poems and stories. I have been inspired by a work of art or a photograph. There have been many moving experiences in my life which have been inspiring.

However, when it comes down to it, you can be inspired and have wonderful and great feelings about all sorts of things you may want to do or change. But, if you don’t act, nothing will be accomplished. Inspiration is just a spark and it is up to us to light the flame and keep it going.

I wish each of you much success in achieving all of your goals and dreams.

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