Saturday, December 18, 2010

Save a Forgotten Equine

This story is from a friend of mine, N Lynn Mazer, and desribes why she is a volunteer with horse rescue. After reading the article please take the time to visit the website to learn more about this awesome cause. The story is reprinted with her permission.

Meet Whisper, a now 4 year old mare. When Animal Control siezed her from the person who starved her and allowed her wounds to fester Whisper was so close to death she couldn't even stand on her own. She was brought to our rescue farm, Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE ) December 14, 2008 and volunteers immediately began 24/7 care.

Within a short period of time she had to be transported to an equine hospital when we could not keep her warm enough nor standing easily. The contraption you see in the upper photo was devised to hook her to a winch and help her to her feet. The face mask was to protect her from banging her head into things as she struggled to stay on her feet.

Horses are not made to lay down for too long periods or their internal organs can be seriously damaged - so she had to be not only lifted, but suspended for long periods of time.

She was finally able to stand on her own January 2, 2009 and within a few months she had gained weight and looked nothing like the horse brought to us. The biggest thing to matter how cruelly most of these animals are treated, they always seem to be able to forgive, if not completely forget, and become incredibly loving and devoted partners.

The other thing to note is that it takes a lot to house and care for a horse but they can go from starving to healthy in 2 months given the proper nutrition. For them to anyone could do that to such amazing creatures is beyond me.

Whisper was adopted by a wonderful family mid-June of that year and continues to thrive (yes, we do check up every year on every horse that comes through the rescue).

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