Sunday, June 13, 2010

LOVE by Sam Ock, Seung Hyun, Sam Kim

~ Sunday Song of Celebration ~

Lyrics ~ LOVE by Sam Ock, Seung Hyun, Sam Kim

*This LOVE is reaching to my heart
Feels so good, don't want to break apart
Hold me close, don't let me fall away
I thank you for each and every day

Morning time, rub your eyes and look around
Soak in all the beautiful sounds as you
Crack a window and hear all the forces of nature
and the blending of a whole new atmosphere
One question, reflection,
the number of mornings that you show appreciation
'cause you're alive here to see another day
Did you thank GOD for waking you up today?
To live life and live to the fullest
To show LOVE and LOVE without limits
"Live to LOVE and LOVE to live" are the
simple keys to this life we've been given
One life remains, go own it
ONE LOVE REIGNS, grow in it and
once you come to know the mercy of GOD we sing
once you come to know the LOVE of GOD we sing


Where do I start, Lord, how should I say this?
There's nothing better than the one that I came with
You're my shining sun and you're the pouring rain
Oh GOD you took all the pain that
was for me, it should've been for me
but you sent your son, oh so graciously
and i'll thank you each and every day
for the blessings you've poured out my way
I lay here, full of sin, full of wrongs
took your blessings to write you this song
you sent me faith, sent me hope, sent me LOVE
and they're the three greatest things from above
I'm giving you my life and everything I have
and break my heart Lord to do what you will
I know it's going to be hard but I'll listen
'Cause it's LOVE that I know is worth keeping


I've been searching hard all day and all night
Looking for something that makes my soul feel right
In this sinful world the hate won't stop
So I got to spread your LOVE, Lord be my solid rock
I admit, GOD I take you for granted
Your LOVE unchanging, I just can't understand it
The fact that you gave your son to die
and how I still sin, it must kill you inside
Father help me to see what you saw
all the pain and anguish when your son was nailed to the cross
I want to know you, the lover of my soul
JESUS is the only one who makes me whole
LOVE is patient, it's kind, it's everything you are
without LOVE, nothing's right, to life say "au revoir"
work through me, spread the word through sound
share the LOVE, shine the LIGHT, let your GRACE abound

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Sing to the LORD, all the earth;
Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.

1 Chronicles 16:23

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