Friday, October 2, 2009

Joy of my Soul

Joy of my soul, Joy of my heart,
You've given me love from the very start;
In you I live, I move and I breathe ~
To you my whole being does cleave.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my spirit,
Of goodness ~ may I be drawn near it
And to all that is holy, right and true,
May I ever be totally committed to you.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my life,
You are the Rock during all the strife.
Many are the benefits you freely give;
Because of you, I have the will to live.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my heart,
Let's assure one another, we'll never part.
You are my Lord, my God, my All;
I obey your statutes, I love your Law.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my spirit
Absence from you, I surely would fear it.
Never permit me to ever stray
Protect me ever and always, I pray.

Joy of my soul, Joy of my life,
Sin pierces your heart ~ like a knife.
You are The Lord of Lords and The King of Kings,
O the JOY your Salvation brings.

The battle for good and evil still wages,
But You, O Lord, are JOY for all ages.
Judgement day will soon arrive;
The goats'll die and the sheep'll thrive.
Please God ~ your faithful ones'll be alive.

O Jesus, as Groom, you'll come for your Bride
You'll draw her very close to your side
Embrace her with your arms open wide
And together in Heaven forever abide.

You, O Lord, are JOY for all ages.
YOU are JOY for All Ages! ! !

August 20,2006
Mel (Carmela) Patterson


  1. awesome & very powerful!

  2. I think this is a very clever and well thought out poem which sums up the authors faith and determination to stick with God.

  3. Hello Oldman, I am the author of the poem, "Joy of my Soul" and I am delighted you have chosen it on your wonderful page. Thank you. It has taken me a while to get here, not realizing I was on google. LOL. Hope your health is better than it had been, please God.
    Again, thank you and God bless you. I also appreciate your readers' comments.

    Mel (Carmela) Patterson


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Sing to the LORD, all the earth;
Proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day.

1 Chronicles 16:23

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