Saturday, October 24, 2009


Truthfully, I must say the fine art of Procrastination has taken hold of my very soul at times and held me back from being all I can be. This post is as much, if not more, for me as it is for you. It is easy to avoid those many tasks we have to do in our lives. Some of these tasks are important, needing our immediate attention, yet we put them off just the same. Other tasks are not as critical but when we put them off we just make our lives more complicated then they need to be. The habit of procrastination charges us double at the toll booth of life. First, those important tasks are left undone, and second, our valuable energy is wasted from all of the effort we use in the process of putting those things off that remain undone.

Life keeps on moving and doesn't procrastinate and neither should we. If you suffer from this habit I am sure you would agree that God has created a world which punishes procrastinators and rewards those who don't put things off and "do it now." If you suffer from procrastination here are a few things you can do.

  1. Set goals and priorities in accordance with those goals. Know your long-term and short-term goals. Make sure your short-term goals will help you achieve your long-term goals and then set your priorities accordingly.

  2. Those tasks you really hate to do, do them immediately. Start off your day by accomplishing those tasks and get them out of the way even if it is a low-priority task, if it can be done quickly you will have it done and over with. By getting these unpleasant tasks out of the way you will be happier most of the day and not waste your day away dreading the task, beating yourself up for not doing it, and fighting with yourself about accomplishing this activity.

  3. We are human and not perfect. Be willing to do your best and be satisfied with the results and avoid the trap of perfectionism.

  4. Use a daily planning calendar which fits your needs. It doesn't matter if you use a monthly calendar on the wall or a detailed day planner, whichever works best for you. Personally, I use the calendar on my computer to keep track of events and my daily schedule.

  5. Start everyday with a "to-do" list. Prioritize the list in the morning making sure to include any unfinished tasks from the day before. In the middle of the day or at lunch take a moment to revisit your list and if needed prioritize the tasks again for the remainder of the day. Keep this list handy so you can cross things off and help you stay focused.

I sincerely hope this advice helps both of us.

Not now becomes never. ~ Martin Luther

If you do nothing in a difficult time, your strength is limited. ~ Proverbs 24:10


  1. Hey OldMan-- thanks for being a light in an ocean of bloggish crap. I linked back to your blog on The Publishing Maven-- I hope others get to see your wonderful poetry and photographs.

  2. Thank you. I am truly honored with such high praise from someone whose work I truly admire. I appreciate your kind words.

  3. Great post. Thank you it really helps :P
    I have some trouble keeping up with all my tasks every now and then. Loved it :)


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1 Chronicles 16:23

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