Friday, October 30, 2009

You Improve Your Writing Skills, You Will Improve Your Business

Today on FOCUS Friday, I am proud to welcome Rebecca Emrich at Living a Life of Writing as today's guest writer.

You Improve Your Writing Skills, You Will Improve Your Business

We all love to write, and some of us have a better writing ability than others, but there is something that we all should take note of. Should (and this applies to everyone) you improve your writing skills, you will improve your business. If your blog is meant for anyone other than you and five friends and is closed to all others, then this little saying is true.

It's like writing letters to the general public. Okay, a bit of a stretch but it is true. I'm improved my writing skills over the years, and this has helped me more often than I care to admit. What would you do to improve your writing skills?

There is always reading another's blog, you can glean a lot from someone else. You can also learn the talents that you have and improve your writing skills this way. I know my editing skills aren't the greatest but thanks to all for not pointing that out. ( Excepting Rachel, but as my editor she's allowed!)
Next there are the hundreds of writing courses that one can take to improve your writing skills. Now, by doing this how does that improve your business? Well for example, you are a writer, this will give you plenty more ideas on new stories and novels, and a better way to sell them. This will improve your business, as a writer, by making you more credible.

This taking of the writing course, will not only improve your writing skills, but also encourage you to write a better blog What it boils down to is this: We all need to improve our writing skills, and we all need to, if we are serious as writers improve our business. We want to be published, and our blogs are published by us. Shouldn't you give your blog the care it needs?

There are even courses on how to improve your writing skills in the areas of query letters, to writing a marketing plan, to writing a better blog, and a better book. Yes, all this will improve your writing skills, but also improve your chances of being published, which will improve your business, of being a writer.

My Question for you today is this: What would you do to improve your writing skills and by extension improve your business ( That of being a writer?)

This article is reprinted with permission; originally published at Living a Life of Writing on October 24, 2009.

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  1. Hey Oldman; nice to see you have Rebecca on- she's one of my favorite bloggers.

    Thanks for pointing me to your blogroll, too. It's a real goldmine. I was looking for writing blogs earlier today and having a hard time finding any good ones that were being updated regularly.


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